What Happens Next?
What Do You Do With The Information I Submit?
Why Should I Not Use A Real Estate Agency?
Do You Charge A Fee To Make An Offer On My Home?
If I Fill Out And Submit A Form Containing Information About A House I Have To Sell, Am I Obligated In Any Way?
I Have No Equity In My Home. Can You Still Help Me?
How Much Money Can I Expect To Get From My Home Sale?
How Do You Determine The Amount You Will Offer For Our House?
Who Uses Your Services?
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What If I Am Behind In Payments Or Going Through Foreclosure?
If You Buy Before Foreclosure, Is There A Way To Save My Credit?
How Long Will It Take To Sell My House?
What Is The Benefit Of Working With You?
Do You Only Buy From Homeowners?
Will You Buy My Property If I Have A Bad Tenant?
Do You Only Buy Homes?
What If I Already Have A Real Estate Agent?
I Have Already Listed My Property With A Real Estate Agent. Will You Still Purchase It?
If I Have Moved Out Of The Area Do I Have To Come Back For The Closing?
What Am I Waiting For?