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Make me a Cash Offer!

    Sell Your Charlotte House Fast, As Is, No Hassles, No Agent Fees…


    Dear Homeowner,

    People decide to sell their houses everyday, and for a variety of reasons. The reason you want to sell is not important…

    What is important is how your home sale is handled. We specialize in buying homes just like yours honestly, quickly, with no hassles.

    Face it, selling homes through Real Estate Agents can be a real pain. Not only can it be expensive it can be a real hassle:

    • People constantly calling to take-a-look at your house day and night but not making an offer.
    • Your Agent forcing you to hide all your personal belongings away, making it virtually impossible to carry on your day-to-day activities.
    • On-going suggestions from your Agent to lay out more and more money to paint this room, or plant a few more shrubs out front…can be aggravating.
    • And of course the infamous Home Inspection where some guy finds all kinds of things he thinks are wrong and have to be fixed before a potential buyer will even consider a purchase.


    Stop . . . strangers snooping through your home! Stop . . . paying agent fees! Stop . . . the home inspections! Stop . . . paying closing costs! Stop . . . delaying your move! Stop . . . “open houses”!

    We buy houses and specialize in streamlining the entire house sale process. If you want the entire process to be easy, quick and painless you need to contact us!

    We Guarantee

    No Broker Fees Any Condition
    Any Size Any Price
    Fast Easily
    Custom Solutions Fair Price
    "As Is" No Inspection
    Secure No Mess